Smoke & Salt Guest FAQ's

Updated: Dec 22, 2021


Since we started as a pop-up and supper club many moons ago, we've learned that there is not always a perfect answer for every guest who joins us. Many of you have had questions for us about menus, dining with us, etc. This FAQ isn't exhaustive and we'll try to keep things updated regularly. Some answers may vary slightly depending on the menu we are running and staffing. To jump to a particular section, follow the links below:

Bookings & Reservations

Food in General

Sharing Menu

Feedback & Complaints

Bookings & Reservations

I am having problems making a booking online, who can I speak to? Drop an e-mail through to or give us a call. We work hard to give our customers the quickest and easiest way of booking their tables, that is why we use RESY to manage our bookings.

How long do I have for my table? Please read our full booking policy on our homepage for the most up to date timings depending on the number of guests in your party. Above all, please arrive on time for your booking, order promptly and adhere to your booking timeslot. We allow ample time to eat and be social, and aren't just trying to get you out of the room for another table.

How long ahead can I book? Tables are available to book two months ahead of time. We will only consider taking earlier bookings for groups larger than 8 guests.

Why do you need my card details? Simply put, some people just don't show up for their booking or cancel their table at the last minute. As a business, it is only reasonable that we recoup some of the cost of a no-show or cancellation within a reasonable cancellation timeframe. If you are unable to make your booking and have a genuine reason for cancelling, we'll firstly try to accommodate this by allowing you to to re-book with us at a later date.

Can I book a private event? We take bookings for large groups in our Bar Lounge area with enough notice. Fill out the enquiry form on our website or get in touch with us on to get a quote and make a booking.

Food in General

Where can I see your menu? Our menu is always available to view on our website. Scroll to "The Restaurant" section for all of our up to date menus. Because our menu changes regularly, please treat these as 'sample menus', the menu could be different to that posted on the website, on the day.

Who writes the menu? The menu is written and developed by each and every member of the kitchen team, rather than about just one individual. This keeps the dishes varied and our humble opinion.

Do you have a kids menu? At the time of writing, we don't currently have a "kids only" menu. While not every child is the same, we are able to cater for most children with items taken from our current menu.

Sharing Menu

Do you offer a tasting menu? No. We offer a "Seasonal Sharing Menu" which is a selection of dishes we think best represents the season at the time. You get to choose between a six-course or a three-course menu. The price is fixed, and the dishes are to be shared by everyone on the table.

Why do I have to share? Our restaurant and concept has always been about sharing, because we humbly feel that this is the best way to eat. It allows us to maintain an affordable offering, and it removes the faff of making too many decisions.